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recycle Recycle your fluorescent bulbs at Cole Hardware!

    We're teaming up again with the San Francisco Department of the Environment to help keep the city of San Francisco healthy and beautiful.

    Fluorescent bulbs are a great choice for energy efficiency. They can be used in most standard fixtures and will result in a 70-80% energy savings over incandescent bulbs. As an added bonus, those energy savings translate into lower-cost electric bills.

    Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, however and although safe in use they should be recycled to prevent mercury from entering the environment. Fluorescent bulbs should not be thrown into the garbage. They can break and might expose people to mercury vapors. Also, mercury can move through the environment and contaminate bodies of water. When this happens, fish living in the water can have elevated levels of mercury and be unsafe for human consumption. Mercury contamination is already a problem in San Francisco Bay.

    Fluorescent bulbs are 100% recyclable. The mercury can be removed for reuse and the glass and metal from the bulbs can then be recycled. Bring your old fluorescent bulbs to any of Cole Hardware's four stores for recycling. We are accepting compact fluorescent bulbs, tubes up to 8 ft., U- and D- shaped tubes and other mercury-containing bulbs from San Francisco residents. Drop-off limit is ten bulbs.

    For more information on fluorescent bulbs or other hazardous waste, you can contact San Francisco Department of the Environment at 415/355-3700 or check their web site at

- Hardware Hotline  April, 2004
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